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Kat Stacks | About, Timeline, Less known facts, Quotes, Top searches, Family, Photo , Biography, Education, Social Network, Youtuber

Kat Stacks | About, Timeline, Less known facts, Quotes, Top searches, Family, Photo , Biography, Education, Social Network, Youtuber

Kat Stacks | About, Timeline, Less known facts, Quotes, Top searches, Family, Photo , Biography, Education, Social Network, Youtuber

Kat Stacks | About, Timeline, Less known facts, Quotes, Top searches, Family, Photos, Biography


Kat Stacks is a rapper, social media sensation, and YouTuber from the United States. People are curious in Kat Stacks’ fate because she is a controversial figure. Many are curious in Kat Stacks’ fate because she rose to prominence by speaking out about her sexual assault at a young age.

Hip-Hop Groupie Notorious Most people are unaware that Kat Stacks has an actual name. Andrea Herrera is her name. She rose to fame under the moniker Kat Stacks by revealing many of her intimate details to the world. Her true name is unknown to most people.

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Kat Stacks Timeline

02 Nov 1989

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, U.S

Kat Stacks was born in Venezuela on November 2, 1989. Andrea Herrera Cardenas is her real name. Kat went to the United States of America when she was eight years old.

02 Nov 1989

Moved to Miami, Florida

She moved to Florida with here parents.



Kat went to an alternative school as a youngster and was always a problem child. She completed her high school education in Florida.


Sexually abused

She was sexually molested at a young age, which led to her prostitution at the age of 14. Stacks? Kat was a code name given to me by my Baby’s father (Omar) when she was 15 and ran away from my family in Miami, FL.


Became Mother

Went to live in Brooklyn, New York. She has had ties with several famous musicians, but she has never been romantically involved with any of them.
As a result of this, she gave birth to a son called Tj. Kat Stacks is well-known for her relationships with celebrities like as Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Gilbert, and Soulja Boy.


she has had a long-term relationship since 2017, and they split up in 2020; she did not share her boyfriend’s identity anywhere in order to keep it a mystery. Nowadays, Kat Stacks maintains a low-key social media presence.


life Challenges

She have been in a mental institution for suicidal ideation, I’ve been in jail, she always been a hustler’s girlfriend, she have been psychologically and physically abused by people I thought I could love and trust, yet despite everything, I’m still standing here with my head held high, stronger than ever.


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Kat Stacks 3 Scar Mystery

1st Scar: I cut my wrist was when my Baby’s father gave me the worst thrashing of my life. My baby’s father had an  alcohol problem and used to come home every night drunk and beat my face in, so I found another man  (Omar) who always cleaned up Prince’s shattered pieces. 

After staying out one night, I decided to come home. I remember entering the room and sitting next to him  on the bed. he next thing I knew, he struck me on the face with multiple blows, I curled up in a ball screaming  “Daddy NO!” he grabbed a fist full of my hair& put my face in the air and started punching me & then threw on me on the ground.

I slid into the closet, and he grabbed one of my stripper heels and began hitting my body with it. As he came to a halt, I rushed on top of the bed and he returned with an empty liquor bottle, instructing me to remove my brand new artificial nails that he had purchased, so I did as I was instructed, which hurt and almost pulled off my own nail. Then he beat me over the head with the bottle and threatened to kill me if I didn’t cut myself. So I slashed my wrists, and he made me sit in the corner with my arms out, making jokes and laughing with his friend Primetime.

2nd Scar: Omar removed his chain and began pounding on my body with it, demanding that I get the fuck  out of his ride; I was wearing a tiny skirt and walked my drunk ass out, feeling no pain as the slashes on  my legs flowed. I contacted Zee, my normal taxi driver, and he drove me to my baby’s father’s residence. 

My baby’s father was furious when Zee described what had happened: I got out of the taxi inebriated, and my babydaddy hauled me up the stairs by my hair and put me on the living room floor. 

He immediately knocked on his roommate’s door, and as soon as Primetime answered it, he informed him,  “WORD?” he had just returned from Omar’s place. When Primetime joined the thrashing with a gun to my head, my babydaddy began trampling my lifeless skinny body and punching me with violent blows. Because the alcohol in my system masked the agony, when they finished pounding me, I merely looked blankly at the ceiling for a minute before yelling loudly and flipping. I walked into the bathroom, took out the eyebrow box cutter, and slashed both of my wrists and both of my thighs.

3rd Scar: To make a long tale short, I was tossed out of club Sobe Live for swinging on my baby’s father, and he abandoned me in the street, where I was kidnapped by two pimps, one of whom raped me. When I had the opportunity to flee, I went back and informed my babysfather what had occurred, and he beat me up, so I slit my wrists.

Kat Stacks Less known fact

  • She is a well-known rapper, hip-hop artist, and blogger.
  • Andrea Herrera Cardenas is her real name.
  • Stacks? Kat was a code name given to me by my Baby’s father when she was 15.
  • She is influenced by prominent rapper ‘Nicki Minaj.’
  • She became pregnant at the age of 19.
  • Her pregnancy became widely publicized on social media. She has worked for the company ‘HNIC Entertainments’.
  • She completed her high school education in Florida.
  • Kat has worked with prominent rappers on future tracks. She participated in a number of events in Nashville.
  • Stacks is hard at work on her lyrics in order to attain more popularity in the music industry. Kat has been in a number of ads.
  • She is fascinated with photography.
  • “Becoming Kat Stacks,” her best-selling book, is written by her.
  • Kat supported a number of well-known products.
  • She adores animals.

Motivational Quotes

I didn’t expect to meet none of these muthaf&#kas on Twitter, because you think it’s only computer needs on there, but [rapper] are actually on there.

Top Searches

Who exactly is Kat Stack?
Kat Stacks is a rapper, social media celebrity, and vlogger from the United States. She is well-known for her work for the renowned “HNIC Entertainment” company.

What will Kat Stack’s net worth be in 2023?
Kat Stacks’ net worth is estimated to be $2 million, which she acquired as a result of her success as a social media personality. It is reported that she has been extorting extra money from prominent musicians in exchange for being with them; some of the specifics are as follows: Lil Wayne paid her $1,200 to remain with him.

What is the Kat Stack Age?
Kat Stacks has the age of 33 as of 2023.

Kat Stack’s real name ?
Andrea Herrera is Kat Stacks’ true name.

When Kat Stacks was born ?

Kat Stacks was born November 2, 1989.

Kat Stack boyfriend name ?

Marcus Gilbert is Kat Stacks’s boyfriend’s name. Kat and Markus ended their relationship.

What is the book name written by Kat Stack ?

“THE UNTOLD STORY OF SEX TRAFFICKING IN AMERICA: Admire Andrea: Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives – An Autobiography By Andrea Herrera,” released in November 2013 by Worldstar Publishing, LLC.

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